My brother’s not just a chomo…

It makes me sad that in prison my brother is just a “chomo”. Chomo is prison slang for child molester. My brother may have a problem, but he has NEVER crossed that line.


I knew all along he’d be in some kind of danger until he got to a sex offender management prison (SOMP) once he was sentenced and in the custody of the BOP. I have read other blogs, for example, “Joe” sends his posts to a relative who posts them. Anyway, he had a lot of trouble because he went to a federal prison that was not a SOMP. He had to keep “refusing housing” in the general population for his own safety and ultimately went to the hole his last and final time for slugging a cellie of his. He has moved on to a SOMP facility, and is doing much better.



I’m thankful that my brother never had to face this kind of torture. He did, however, tell us something that happened in county jail. Apparently, upon arriving, they put him in a cell with a man who likes to beat up child molesters and sex offenders. Nice, huh? It’s not enough that his name was in the papers, and his life ruined (and yes, I recognize his victims lives were affected too, but him being abused doesn’t change any damage he may have caused anyone else). Anyway, here’s what went down.


Angry cellie: “So, hey man, what are your charges?” My brother knew this was going to cause trouble, but he had JUST landed in county jail for the first time in his life so he chose to go the honest route.


Brother: “Uh, production and possession of child pornography.” (I’m sure at this point he braced himself for a beat down)


Angry cellie: “You touch anyone?”


Brother: “Absolutely not. NEVER in my life have I harmed or molested a child.”


Angry cellie: “I don’t know why, but I believe you. But, you better get that guard over here. You need to be moved.”



So, thankfully, the guard moved him, and he eventually became the “senior” in that cell, so no more harassment. This was a story he relayed to me when I asked him, “Were you ever scared at any point in your journey?”


After hearing this, I asked him again, weren’t you downright terrified? And, he said, not really. He knew God would protect him, and he may or may not get beat up, but, that God would always be present with him even though he knew he grieved God through his actions. He says he now understands the peace that passes understanding. “My first time ever being booked into jail, and I should have been terrified. But I wasn’t. I knew I wasn’t alone.” I listened a long while as he told me what had gone down from arrest to present. I was in awe of the amazing faith this man has in God. Yes, he’s a prisoner. And some would reduce him to the term “chomo”. But, like it or not, he’s a child of the King. God loves him. And God loves me, and therefore I show my brother love.


When he landed in his present home, he had to admit to some guys from the transfer center that his cover stories about his charges were bogus, but they said they were “chomos” or SOs (sex offenders) too, so they forgave him. He’s learned how to survive, and he’s going to make it. His cellies go to Bible study, and they hold one another accountable in their thoughts and deeds. Thank you LORD, for taking care of my little brother.


And no, readers, he is not just a chomo. He’s my brother, and I’m standing by him… though some day, I may just give him that swirly I owe him for all of this!!


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